Many times, you may find yourself locked outside the house or sometimes even a particular room in the house as the key is already broken somewhere in the lock. You may even try to manually help yourself out, however, without the right skills or tools to properly extract the broken key, it’s all in vain. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even try. Break or damage key can easily be solved or re-key if you have the proper tools. These are some simple yet effective tips on how to solve a broken key.

One of the most basic things to do in case of a broken key extraction is to check the bolt or the knob for any damages. Some homeowners even do this as they are very careful when putting their keys in the lock because even a slight damage can allow unwanted access. If you do notice that some screws or bolts are bent or dented, look into replacing them because these are signs of trouble. This is important especially with cars because you don’t want your car to be able to go into the house even if you have locked it up.

If you have found that the problem is indeed with the lock and not the bolt or the knob, the next thing to do is to look into calling a locksmiths. Call us first before going on to the repair shop since we have the necessary equipment to do the job right. Now, the question is where to find these locksmiths. You can ask around or go online for some references or recommendations. You can also go to your local police department and ask for their services so you can get the contact information of their personnel. Now, once you have the contact information of your choice, go ahead and make an appointment so you can schedule a time to come in and have your broken key extraction done right.

When the locksmith arrives, let them know that you are worried about the way your locks are working. Most of the time, they will bring a new set of tools for your locksmith to use so they can replace the old ones. This is an easy fix and something that you shouldn’t worry about. Once the locksmith starts his work, let him know everything from the type of locks that you have to the kind of keys you have.

Once he has everything ready, he will start the key extractor, and he will apply gentle pressure until he has extracted all the keys out. Once he is done, he will put all the extracted keys back and lock mechanism back to its normal position. Now, everything is as it was before the key extractor was used. It’s important that you understand that broken key extraction doesn’t happen every day and there are times when the lock mechanism cannot be extracted at all. This may mean that you need to contact a professional locksmith to take care of your problem.

Professional locksmiths will tell you that if you are having a hard time getting the lock to open, you should give your lock mechanism a break. Simply put, break the lock in such a way that you can free the door and get inside of it. You can find tutorials online on how to break a lock mechanism. Some of these locksmiths may even offer to repair your lock if you end up needing the help of a professional locksmith. Remember that with locksmiths today, you are much better off having them assist you rather than trying to figure out how to open your locked door on your own.

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