The story of Key Smith begins in the rural countryside of Georgia in a small house with a garden on the back. He is a farmer, and a friend to his neighbors, both the neighbors of his parents, the people that he worked with every day. His father was a Baptist minister, and a good man, but he was always on the run, trying to go to the next church meeting, the next meeting with the minister that he worked with and to see who was coming to his home. This meant that he spent most of his time away from home and it meant that it was very difficult for the Key family to bond.

Key Smith

One night when his father passed away, his sister, Winnie, was taken to church in Atlanta, so that her father could receive the blessing he needed from God for his father to pass away. As she was leaving, she left a note on her mother’s dresser and she had her sister take it to Key. When he found it, he realized that she was not his sister. It was a very upsetting and confusing situation.

However, his mother was no where to be found and Key had a feeling that something was wrong with his mother’s house and he wanted to go inside to find out what happened to her. He ran back to his house and got into his wagon and started riding towards the town that he lived in. However, he soon learned that there were no houses in sight. He soon learned that the only way he was going to get to Atlanta was if he took a boat.

He made the trip to the river and on the way, his father called him to say that he needed to come home to his home because they had run out of food. He said that his father had not eaten much and that he was starving. The boy said that he was going home and that he would give his father enough food so that he could survive his trip home.

Key was so upset when he learned that his mother was dead, he could not stand up, so he sat down and cried. Eventually, the man in charge at the plantation that owned his land came over to look at him. He was a man named George Jones and when he looked at him, Key began to cry even more. Key went up to Jones and asked him to help him and Jones told him that he could do anything that he wanted to him. and he could do anything to help him, as long as it was in line with his duties and Jones said he could do whatever he wanted to do.

Jones then told him that he needed to go to jail and he would make sure that his mother was in jail and that he would be given whatever he needed to give her to eat. to help her. This made it very hard for Key to stand, but he said that he was going to do what he needed to do. He told Jones that he was sorry and that he loved his mother.

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