At Ankle & Foot Specialists of NJ, Jyotsna Thabar, MD, DPM, pragsnesh Patel, MD, dpnp, and K.C. Kumar, PhD, offer the public of Central NJ with top-notch foot care at 5 convenient locations in North Plainfield, East Brunswick, Hillsborough, Warren, and Woodbridge! For a minimal charge you can take a tour of the facility or schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

The foot specialist at Ankle & Foot Specialists of NJ takes pride in creating an environment that is welcoming, fun, comfortable, and professional. There are several locations to choose from, so that you can conveniently see how the services are provided and see if they suit your needs. The primary care physician is a highly regarded team leader who are available twenty-four hours a day to answer questions, make appointments, and schedule walk-in visits. He also offers in-house training for any new staff member, is available to answer questions about the services, and has the ability to refer you to someone who specializes in your specific foot or ankle problem.

The foot specialist at Ankle & Foot Specialists offers many services. Many patients have complaints of pain or stiffness in their toes, but there are also those that may have broken or torn shoes that are causing their feet pain and discomfort. Ankle and Foot Specialist provides custom made orthotics, shoe inserts, orthotic padding, shoe liners, arch supports, shoe insoles, special orthotics, compression stockings, orthotics and gels.

Ankle and Foot Specialist is also known for its excellent technology and clinical practices. This is one location that has a large variety of podiatrists and podiatric physicians on staff, so that patients can receive the best care possible while being treated in the comfort of their own home. The facility is clean, comfortable, well-organized, and staffed by friendly professionals. Patients and their families can relax and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere during their visit to the facility, as well as the comfort of waiting for a visit with the podiatrist or other foot specialist staff members.

Most of the patients that come to the facility are happy to share their experiences with other patients. The facility offers excellent treatment options for patients of all ages and with varying degrees of foot problems. The staffs are trained and certified to provide top-notch care that keeps patients feeling comfortable and improves their overall health.

Patients who have a history of foot problems, broken or damaged shoes, or foot deformities are also welcomed into the facility. Many of these patients are able to have a consultation with a podiatrist to determine the cause of their foot issues and find an appropriate solution. The staff at the Ankle and Foot Specialist provides assistance with foot exercise, proper nutrition, stretching and strengthening, as well as foot rest. The staff at the facility offers a variety of treatments and therapies to help patients relieve pain and promote a healthy foot.

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