“Carmaker Car Keys – For Sale, Car Keys Made in USA, Car Keys Made in China.” “All keys, including new, used or refurbished, made by us in the USA. We have been doing it for fifteen years.” The key word is, “We,” which implies that the parts are manufactured by someone other than Car Keys Made in USA.

“We are now doing it as a small company,” says the man who answered the phone. He explained that Car Keys Made in USA was “a wholesale distributor that supplies OEM and aftermarket parts to car manufacturers in the United States.” He was not sure of the number of keys that he sells.

“You can buy new car keys from us at a lower price than at your local dealership,” says the man on the other end of the phone. “We do sell new car keys, but we do have competition.” He explained that he was not making any profit from selling car keys for cars other than what he was paying the manufacturer. He also said that you should check with the manufacture before buying car keys.

Keys manufactured in China are also available through our website. However, “the keys you buy from us are made by a third party company called Key Components International. These keys are made in China, and they are then sold through us.”

“These keys come with installation instructions and a lifetime warranty,” says the salesman. He declined to discuss the price. “That’s between us and the manufacturer,” he said.

We went to our next choice for car keys. A company called GDI sells “manufactured in the USA” car keys for an even lower price. We took their test keys and tried to open them with our keyless remote. They worked fine, and we got the impression that they had some of the same parts-manufacturers that are used in the Car Keys Made in USA business in their line of cars.

The key they offered for sale was from the GDI line, but we weren’t sure if those keys were made in the USA or not. “This is the kind of car you are looking for,” they said. They did not offer any other parts, but did suggest that we call the manufacturer and they would send the keys to our door.

We were able to get GDI parts in our door. But the GDI brand “looks like us, but they are not made in the USA. If you want the quality of the GDI parts you get them through us, you have to pay more.”

“If you want to make sure the keys you buy are OEM and built in the USA,” says the salesman, “you should visit us. and see how we install your keys.”

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