The Family Chiropractic Clinic is an osteopathic medical clinic located in New York City. For Dr. Ronald Berjju, D.O., C.M.D. & Christine Berjju, D.O. this is an integrative health clinic.

Our patients come from all walks of life: young to old, adults to teenagers. We treat individuals with a wide range of problems and injuries ranging from back pain to whiplash to tennis elbow and a host of other conditions. Our techniques vary from person to person but the overall goal is to help people gain optimum wellness by balancing and stabilizing the spine, muscles, joints, and other body systems. Our staff uses an interdisciplinary approach to treating patients.

We provide our patients with access to a wide range of chiropractic treatments including manipulative care, acupressure, manual therapy, and spinal manipulation. Our goal is to help patients manage or improve their health by addressing the source of their problem and working to restore health to the body by improving function, relieving pain, reducing stress, and increasing energy levels.

The clinics are staffed by fully licensed doctors and dentists who perform diagnostic and therapeutic care. They are well-trained to diagnose and treat a wide array of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders.

In the clinic, we ask the patient about their medical history, lifestyle, current medications, and any additional conditions they may be experiencing. If necessary, we may ask the patient to supply a work history, laboratory tests and/or imaging studies to help us determine the best course of treatment.

Our staff works with patients to develop a comprehensive approach to caring for their needs. Our primary goal is to help the patient achieve optimum wellness so that they can live a long and active life.

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